devanagarifont SANSKRITA keyboard layout

Rolf Koch roheko at T-ONLINE.DE
Wed Dec 9 14:03:49 UTC 1998

The number of total characters possible under windows ANSI standard is
the same as under DOS: 224, due to the number of possible combinations
in a 8-bit byte, minus the 32 nonprinting control characters.
The main keyboard provides keys for each of the alphabetic characters
and punctuations marks, numbered 32 through 127.
Additional characters are numbered from 128 to 255.
To find out the keyboard layout of SANSKRITA font make a list.
In each line you access a character by holding down the ALT key, typing
the number (from 032 upto 0255) on the n u m e r i c keypad (on the
right side - with the NumLock light on) and then releasing the ALT-key.
ALT+0196, for example, produces the ligature t(underdot)tha(underdot).
Print out the final list.
To put a character on a shortcut (for easier access) see the WINDOWS
help (catchword: producing a SHORTCUT).
This should help you.
roheko at

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