Kanakadhaaraastotram verse

Horst Lasic lasic at OEAW.AC.AT
Wed Aug 12 09:27:37 UTC 1998

Girish Sharma wrote:
> Could someone please help me understand the derivation
> and meaning of k.r.sii.s.ta in the following verse.
> Thank you.
> i.s.taavi"si.s.tamatayo.api yayaa dayaardra-
> d.r.s.tyaa trivi.s.tapapada.m sulabha.m labhante|
> d.r.s.ti.h prah.r.s.takamalodaradiiptiri.s.taa.m
> pu.s.ti.m k.r.sii.s.ta mama pu.skaravi.s.taraayaa.h| 9||
> 9. By which Eye moist with compassion, even those
> with minds not possessed of desires obtain a suitable
> place in the three worlds,
> that Eye of the One seated on a lotus,
> whose beauty delights the lotus-naveled One,
> <k.r.sii.s.ta?> my desired wealth.

Dear Girish Sharma,

maybe some considerations may help you. Considering the context, I would
expect k.r.sii.s.ta to be a finite verb (not a nomen as Dominique Thillaud
seems to suggest). Further, I expect to find the expression of a wish.
On the morphological level -ii.s.ta looks like a precative ending (3 sg of
the middle voice), -s- seems to be an augment. k.r should belong to the root
k.r (to make). Remains the question which stem the precative is formed of. I
guess, it is formed from an aorist stem (but that is my usual guess whenever
I cannot explain a finite verb).

Horst Lasic

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