Indology participants

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 7 18:16:11 UTC 1998

Palaniappan writes:
>If I am not mistaken, the geographical distribution of Indology
>of Indian origin seems to be abnormal in one sense. Most seem to be
from the pancadrAviDa area. The rest of India seems not to be well
represented. Is there an explanation for this?>>

AFAIK, there are many reasons:-) but let us just restrict ourselves to
the politically correct one..the distribution of states that are
over-represented are also over-represented in terms of representation
in the USA( generically speaking outside India). It is not very often
that one sees people from the Hindi heartland outside India. Therefore
if interest in Indology is a uniformly distributed function, one would
expect to see more samples from over-represented states in the overall


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