Bhairava on coin

Nupam P Mahajan nupam at MED.UNC.EDU
Wed Aug 5 21:22:38 UTC 1998

Dear Members,

I joined this list just a week back and found discussions quite
interesting. I am a collector of ancient and medieval Indian coins
and have a website dedicated for them. I invite all of you to visit
it and let me know what you think about it. Any criticism and/or
advice would be welcome. The address is as follows:

I have a gold coin from southern India possibly minted in 11th to 13th
century AD by a Telugu-Choda chief (called themselves Bhujababala) who most
likely was feaudatory of W. Chalukyas. On the coin one can read the old
Telugu-Kanarese inscription  which reads "Bhairava". I have two questions:

1. Does the inscription that I read is correct? The image of this coin
is available at my webpage in subsection of southern Indian coins.

2. What is meaning/s of word Bhairava apart from being name of Lord


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