human sacrifice (allusion to Abraham)

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Fri Apr 24 05:49:57 UTC 1998

> From:          J Kingston Cowart <jkcowart at IO-ONLINE.COM>

> With respect to Dr. Fosse's suggestion that Christianity was initiated
> in an act of human sacrifice, one might argue that a) this, too, was a
> singular event impossible of repetition, b) that it was not a ritual, and
> c) that from an internal theological/Christological perspective, it was
> an act of God's sacrificing himself.

In the Bible there are many instances of God's commandment not to
take any captives of certain enemies in battle.  The Amalekites and
Philistines, for example.  How much different is this than the
sacricifing of one's enemy captives?  The only difference to me
seems that one involves a formal ritual offering, while the other is
obedience to a commandment. Both forms of slaughter have a religious

The relevant passages from the Bible were also used by Christians
during the Crusades and Inquistion.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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