human sacrifice (allusion to Abraham)

Aditya, the Hindu Skeptic a018967t at BC.SEFLIN.ORG
Fri Apr 24 18:31:07 UTC 1998

I have been a passive lurker on this list but have observed this topic with
great interest and to a great extent I agree with Mary Storm who said:
> Sent: Thursday, April 23, 1998 5:41 PM
> practice was widespread in many of the world's traditions. The desire to
> remain ignorant of human sacrifice within the lineage of one's own
> tradition seems to be a common wish, almost as pervasive as the practice
> itself has been. Plutarch, in looking back to the Persian Wars, was

I have observed that many a writers who appear to be Christians from their
names are very upset at Fosse's suggestion and have tried to extol Jesus'
anecdotal sacrifice while having no such reservations when it comes to Hindu

To me these people are no less chauvinistic than Dr. Jai Maharaj who errs on
the side of Hindu traditions. I wish I did not have to make such ad hominem
remarks but I am very disappointed at the so called Indologists who seem to
carry a religious agenda with them on this academic list. It is unfortunate
fact of history that most early Western Scholars studied Hindu texts only as
a mission to put down the native cultures and religions and to evangelize
their equally or rather more illogical beliefs.

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