SKT font bugs and fixes on CTAN

Charles Wikner WIKNER at NACDH4.NAC.AC.ZA
Thu Apr 16 11:26:15 UTC 1998


For users of the SKT-series of devanagari fonts:

Ten bug reports and fixes have been added to the \language\sanskrit
subdirectory on CTAN.

A brief description of the bugs are:

BUG01:  Added feature: pass the five characters [`!'] through to
        roman from within {\skt }.

BUG02:  Improve treatment of sa.myoga "gj~n", e.g. in samyagj~naana.

BUG03:  Column separators misplaced in pages 23 thru 35 of docs.

BUG04:  Poor sa.myoga vertical alignment in bold and feint devanaagarii.

BUG05:  Svarita accent fouls the bindu above ~m with option 47 enabled.

BUG06:  The preprocessor program exits with code 1 instead of code 0
        when there are no errors.

BUG07:  Newer versions of LaTeX than I have available (1995/06/01)
        complain about the use of accents <u> and <^>, specifically
        in producing the docs.

BUG08:  Version 2 of relsize.sty (Mar 15, 1995) gives warning messages
        that the size requested is too small when using SaamaVeda accents
        in transliteration.

BUG09:  Nasalised-l, -v, -y use wrong diacritic in transliteration.

BUG10:  Problems using SKT with fragile LaTeX commands, e.g. \markboth.

The changes fortunately do not affect the font files, but affect skt.sty
and skt.c (which will need re-compiling).

Charles Wikner.

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