Happy Solar New Year

Thu Apr 16 00:29:29 UTC 1998

N. Ganesan wrote:
>Read in a newspaper that Japan celebrates its New year on
>14 April 1998. Does Japan follow Solar calender for
>New year computations? What other people follow Solar
>calender in India or elsewhere?

*I am a Japanese living in Japan for 53 years, but I have never
*heard of selebrating 14 April as a new year day in Japan. Probably
*there is some misunderstanding.  Please tell me the source of

That is from a Tamil newspaper, Dhina Bhuumi. In an article about
solar new year. This must be an error, as I understand from
Dr. Yano.

Is there a spring festival on April 14 in Japan?

N. Ganesan

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