RGVedic AryAs

Vaidix Vaidix at AOL.COM
Tue Apr 7 07:40:44 UTC 1998

>Ganesan wrote...

> From the day Mr. Bhadriah Mallampalli started writing his
> hypothesis/theories on Vedas, I was wondering.

> Astonished to hear that one can talk of Vedas without knowing
> Sanskrit!!

To say that one has to know Sanskrit to talk of, or understand vedas is an
insult to every other language, also insult to every other living being.  To
understand veda all you need is identify bRhaspati in oneself.  It just takes
a few minutes of meditation to identify, but I advise people don't try it out
yet.  It needs some stamina.

For one who knows bRhaspati whatever one speaks of is veda, and whatever
language one speaks gets sanctified (again I am not trying impose Hindu values
on other cultures, apologies, but to me it is a neurological fact).

> Tamil, European influence etc, AryAs.

That was all noise.  I do not subscribe to any opinion I expressed.  My
intention is to impress upon people that the first thing to do is open up
possible alternatives impartially and then start discuss the final solutions,
instead of taking positions dictated by historians. If you start out right, I
accept any decision.

Bhadraiah Mallampalli

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