RGVedic AryAs

Mon Apr 6 22:04:43 UTC 1998

> From the day Mr. Bhadriah Mallampalli started writing his
hypothesis/theories on Vedas, I was wondering.

Astonished to hear that one can talk of Vedas without knowing

I do not believe that Tamils (to be cautious, Dravidian :-))
left without learning the complete Sanskrit letters.
Tamil words don't require sounds like gh, etc.,

Post-300 BC Indian art shows clear influences of Greek art.
eg., Gandharan art. After the decline of Achameniad (Spelling?)
empire, shilpis came to Patna and mixed with the local shilpis
See J. C. Harle, Art of the Indian subcontinent.
Persian painters in Mughal courts sometimes used
Renaissance paintings and made thier own Madonna depictions.
Glad to hear today's Madonna is uttering Om Shunty, ..
When heard that Indian art did not borrow from outside at all,
I was surprised.

N. Ganesan

PS: What do people think of "Origins of Caste", and the like

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