[Ann] Web release of the Japanese Indology & Buddhology Studies DB

Nobumi Iyanaga n-iyanag at PPP.BEKKOAME.OR.JP
Mon Apr 6 03:18:21 UTC 1998

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Once again, I am very pleased to be able to announce that a HUGE database of
Japanese Indological and Buddhological studies has been released in the
Internet.  The database, named "Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise
Database" or "INBUDS", is an ongoing project of the Database Center of the
Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies, containing data of some
17000 and more studies published in more than 150 Japanese scholarly
journals (mainly from 1950s onward, but some of them from 1920s or even
earlier [?] onward).  Each record includes full bibliographical data, plus
very comprehensive keywords, which will facilitate the researches.

The url is:


All the data files can be downloaded and used by every user.  There is also
an experimental online search facility (very fast and useful!).  The site
and the data are in Japanese (Shift-JIS encoding).  The "gaiji" are
represented by special SGML entities corresponding to Morohashi Dictionary
and Konjaku-mojikyoo kanji numbers.  The diacritical marks are represented
in TeX style.

This database is growing everyday -- so there will be additions at a regular

I hope that this release will be useful and helpful for many Indology and
Buddhology scholars and researchers of the world.



Please note that I am not a member of the Database Center of the JAIBS.  So
this is not an "official announce".  I only have friends who are working on
this project.


Nobumi Iyanaga

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