wrong person

Edeltraud Harzer Clear eclear at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Apr 6 03:22:04 UTC 1998

Dear professor Cronk:
unfortunately there has been a mix up of persons
with the same name. The Prof. Anil Gupta of Indiana
University is not identical with the one on the indology
The philosopher's e-mail address is:
agupta at indiana.edu

Edeltraud Harzer Clear
Asian Studies
UT at Austin

>Are you Professor Gupta of Indiana University?  I am Dr. George Cronk, Chair
>of the Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, at Bergen Community College in New
>Jersey.  We are scheduled to interview Byeong D. Lee on May 4 for a teaching
>position in Philosophy here.  Dr. Lee was your student, right?
>Just thought I'd say hello.

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