1) arma and 2) innateness of knowledge

Dominic Goodall dominic.goodall at WOLFSON.OXFORD.AC.UK
Sun Apr 5 17:29:12 UTC 1998

There have been a few postings recently mentioning the use of arma
in the sense of a ruined settlement.  Mayrhofer (EWA, s.v. arma-), following
K. T. Schmidt (Studien zum indogermanischen Wortschatz, pp.290ff), opts
rather for the meaning `Brunnen'.

There have also been a few postings lately about the notion that
knowledge is innate.  Tantras of the "Saiva Siddhaanta teach that
omniscience is the innate nature of the soul.  Thus in the
Kira.natantra, replying to a question about whether impurity/ignorance
(mala) is a property (dharma) of the soul, \'Siva teaches (2:25cd):

ekasmin vyajyate j~naanam anyasmi.ms tat tirohitam||

Saiddhaantikas distinguish their position on this point from three
groups of \'Saivas of the Atimaarga: the (Paa~ncaarthika-)Paa"supatas,
the Kaalaamukhas and the Kaapaalikas,
according to whom God's qualities (including omniscience)
are attained respectively by sa.mkraanti, utpatti, and aave"sa.

Dominic Goodall.

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