arma-, armaka 'ruined site'

Vidhyanath Rao vidynath at MATH.OHIO-STATE.EDU
Thu Apr 2 15:37:23 UTC 1998

Dominique.Thillaud <thillaud at UNICE.FR> wrote:
> Just judging by this list, the last invader succeeded to impose his
> language, at least in the elite. But it would be difficult to show the
> archeological remains of the destructions caused by him.

But there is plenty of inscriptional and matrial evidence of
connections with a distant place. Can you point to such evidence
for Aryans?

I am not sure the British delibrately destroyed previous constructions.
On the other hand, evidence of sieges of forts, mining and sapping
are there. For one example, you may to wish to visit Mysore
and the surrounding areas.

>         - subsequent dwellers of the country speak a language strongly
> related to a great lot of languages spoken out of this country.
>         - the same dwellers have ancient text talking about destruction of
> cities.

Does `pur' in RV really mean city? And what do you think of Rau's
``Meaning of pur in Vedic literature''?

Archaeologists do not see evidence of destruction at IVC sites.
Are they being merely `politically correct'?


>         My choice is easy.

I do envy your certainity. I wish I could believe so easily.
Unfortunately, I was trained to look even at my own proofs with
a very critical eye, and raise objections to myself before others
did. Unfortunately, this carries over to everything I read.


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