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Thu Apr 2 17:01:42 UTC 1998

 "Dominique.Thillaud" <thillaud at UNICE.FR>

> Erik Seldeslachts wrote:
> >It is difficult to see how this can be taken as a proof of a pre-Aryan
> >urbanised
> >culture being followed by Aryans without cities but living among ruins. It
> >is just an
> >indication of population shifts caused by major geological shifts, nothing
> >more.
>         Why "geological" ? I can understand why the Aryans are excluded by
> you: "that's the other theory". But why not God's wrath, or anything else ?
>         Almost all rivers of plains change their course along their history
> without destroying civilizations! To my knowledge, countries such
> Bangla-Desh suffer each year major geological disasters but survive.
>         Strong climatic changes occur in Mesopotamia but it seems that
> Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabians play a greater role in the
> cultural changes of the country ...

But then you have civilizations like those in Mesoamerica and Ponape
which vanish due to geological/climatic change.  The Sahara was once
a fairly populated and wet region until weather changes caused mass

>         I understand well why a theory showing the Indus Valley
> civilization (eventually "Dravidian") destroyed by invaders (eventually
> "Aryan") don't is today a "politically correct" one. But the arguments
> against it are poor (most of them "in absentia") and highly suspect to be
> justified by non-historical motives.
>         We have some simple facts:
>         - Indus Valley civilization disappears, just leaving ruins.

More like remains of deserted cities.

>         - subsequent dwellers of the country speak a language strongly
> related to a great lot of languages spoken out of this country.

And related to languages spoken within the country.

>         - the same dwellers have ancient text talking about destruction of
> cities.

But not about origin elsewhere.  In fact, all the peoples in the
Vedas are already situated in India. The destruction of cities comes
from warfare between different kingdoms in India.

>         Against:
>         - We've never found a "Dravidian" corpse with an "Aryan" spade in
> the breast.

Nor an "Aryan" cultural complex.  Or even an "Aryan" skeletal series in
a relevant time period.

>         - We've never found prooves of incendy in the ruins.

Nor of Kurgan or other Central Asian complexes.

>         - The Dravidian tradition don't knows stories about his own
> destruction.

>         - The Aryans living today in India are very peaceful.

Not anymore so than most people.  Remember the subcontinent has had
almost continuous strife since WWII.  At least four major
insurgencies, and cold/hot conflicts between India and Pakistan and
internally in Sri Lanka.

Paul Kekai Manansala

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