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Thu Apr 2 17:12:29 UTC 1998

    Vaidix <Vaidix at AOL.COM>

> Dear list members,
> I remember having read a verse in RGveda (page 583 in Indian edition by
> Griffith, I believe it is 10th mandala) which says 'O Agni, you successfuly
> quelled the hateful dASas and AryAs'. (Or look for AryAs in index to find the
> verse, that is how I found it.)
> Doesn't this mean the vedic tribes were other than both dAsAs and AryAs?

Another perplexing matter is that in the Rgveda , the Supreme
Deity is called an Asura, and the latter are held in a favorable
light.  Eventually, Asuras become demons opposed to the Devas. In
Iran, it is the Daevas who are demons opposed to the Ahura.  In my
view, the texts preceeding the polarization of Asuras and Devas
represent the earliest period and these appear only in India (as far
as I'm aware).

Paul Kekai Manansala

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