Vedic Concordances

Tue Sep 16 08:58:05 UTC 1997

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997  15:45:54 -0400 Chris Austin wrote:

>>Could anyone inform me about any new Vedic Concordances which have become
available, e.g. from the Hoshiapur Vedic Institute, etc. Thanks in advance

As far as I know the Vaidika-Padaanukrama-Kosa, ed. Vishva Bandhu, in five
volumes, divided over sixteen part is still available, they only doubled the
prices last January. On this monument of Vedic lexicography see W. Rau's
detailed review in Kratylos, Jahrgang 28, where one also finds a list of
additional indices of specific texts or specific areas of Vedic literature. The
"really" Vedic parts (esp. those on the Samhitaas) of the Hoshiarpur
Padaanukrama-Kosa are excellent, the parts on Vedaangas have several drawbacks.

Another old but excellent concordance is M. Bloomfield's Vedic Concordance (HOS
10, 1906), and the same author's Rig-Veda Repetitions (HOS 20, 24, 1916); since
Bloomfield other Vedic material has of course become available.

But the enquiry is about new Vedic Concordances, and here I am only aware of
Lubotsky's Rgvedic Word Concordance, (AOS vol. 82-83), which I have not yet
seen myself but which according to the author gives the word PLUS the full line
in which it occurs, a useful feature for Rgvedic word studies. Lubotsky's text
is the one of the recent van Nooten-Holland edition (HOS 50), which,
incidentally, did not take into account the amendments to the text suggested by
C.G. Kashikar (CASS studies no. 1, Poona, 1973).

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