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Tobias Grote-Beverborg grotebev at UNI-KOELN.DE
Thu Nov 27 20:51:14 UTC 1997

Dear Mr. Ganesan,
dear members of the list,
after reading this very encouraging feedback I guess its time to announce
the new feature of IITS-Website:

*Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Cappeller's Digital Sanskrit Lexicon
*Tamil Text Thesaurus

You can also access these pages via our homepage
and entering *Indological Resources* in the menu.

It still has to be tested.
That's why there was no official announcement on this list.
There are still some problems like the one Mr. Ganesan mentions but we are
working on it.
Please, give your feedback.
Have a nice surf.

At 18:42 26.11.97 -0600, N. Ganesan wrote:
>  Tamil Text Thesaurus
>tolkAppiyam, patineNkIzk kaNakku, pazamozi, tirukkuRaL,
>cilappatikAram, maNimEkalai, cIvaka cintAmaNi are correctly
>a) cangkam texts are not linked.
>b) tiruvAcakam, tEvAram are not there
>c) If one searches tEvAram, he gets the results
>   from nAlaTiyAr.
>d) Instead of nAlaTiyAr, villi pAratam comes.
>e) Instead of kampan, tirumantiram shows up.
>f) Instead of villi pAratam, tiruviLaiyATal purANam
>   is linked. But in the tiruviLaiyATal puraaNam,
>   some other string other than what one looks for shows up!
>g) tirumantiram, tiruviLaiyATal, periya purANam, kanta purANam,
>   tEmpAvaNi are not available.

Correct. Try the option *ALL* and it should work.


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