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Thu Nov 27 00:42:02 UTC 1997

  Tamil Text Thesaurus

It is really great to see the Tamil Text Thesaurus back
on-line. The URL is http://www.uni-koeln.de/phil-fak/indologie/index.e.html
and it is listed on the Indology homepage under Institution's
home pages too.

Useful in searching for a word in a sangam text or to find out
comparative passages in different works.

There are problems in that the files are not properly linked.

tolkAppiyam, patineNkIzk kaNakku, pazamozi, tirukkuRaL,
cilappatikAram, maNimEkalai, cIvaka cintAmaNi are correctly

a) cangkam texts are not linked.
b) tiruvAcakam, tEvAram are not there
c) If one searches tEvAram, he gets the results
   from nAlaTiyAr.
d) Instead of nAlaTiyAr, villi pAratam comes.
e) Instead of kampan, tirumantiram shows up.
f) Instead of villi pAratam, tiruviLaiyATal purANam
   is linked. But in the tiruviLaiyATal puraaNam,
   some other string other than what one looks for shows up!
g) tirumantiram, tiruviLaiyATal, periya purANam, kanta purANam,
   tEmpAvaNi are not available.

Hope these errors can be corrected. Can Dr. T. Malten,
Mr. T. Grote-Beverborg or Dr. U. Niklas look into this, please?
This site offers great treasures for those genuinely
interested (both professionals and non-professionals)
in all the 2200 years of Tamil literature.

We are waiting for the Online Tamil Lexicon to become alive

I think both Univ. of Koeln & Inst. of Asian studies, Madras
can join together to bring out lot of Tamil literature.
For example
a) Bibliographies like Tamil Nadu state Tamil Bibliography,
coming out for decades. Also, a list of Tamil palmleaf/paper
manuscripts in Eurpean libraries. I know Univ. of Chicago
and Roja Muttaiya Research Library, Madras are working
on Saiva Siddhanta NuuRpatippuk Kazakam collections etc.,

b) Grammars like nannuul, taNTiyalangkaaram, viiracOziyam,
mAran akapporuL, ..

c) tiruppukaz, edition by V. S. Chengalvaraaya Pillai

d) Important pirapantams like nantik kalampakam,
kuRRaalak kuRavanji, Pillaip perumAL aiyangkaar's
ashTap pirapantam,iRaiyanaar kaLaviyal, kalingattup
paraNi, tanjaivaaNan kOvai, ...

e) Sanskrit translations (centuries old) like
perungkatai, kaatampari, naiTatam, irakuvamicam
(Raghuvamsam) by aracakEcari, a King of Jaffna.

f) Commentaries like ParimElazakar's kuRaL
comm., Cenavaraiyar, Naccinarkkiniyar, Peraciriyar,

g) nighaNTus like tivaakaram (9th century) ..

h) Saiva 12 tirumuRais, Azvaar's naalaayirap pirapantam,

i) Collected works of Kumarakuruparar, Tayumaanavar,
Vallalar, Paaratiyaar, Paaratitaacan, ..

j) Important talapuraaNams like Kaanjip puraaNam,
pazaiya tiruviLaiyaatal, cEtu puraanam, kuRRaalat talapuraaNam, ..

& so on.

Happy thanksgiving,
N. Ganesan
nas_ng at lms420.jsc.nasa.gov

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