Rolf Heiner Koch roheko at MSN.COM
Sun Nov 23 00:21:29 UTC 1997

I would really appreciate if anyone of the list
members came across material about our beloved
Azoka while reading Sanskrit/Pali/Prakrit/Tibetan
sources which are probably not have been
considered now.
STOP! The matter are not references in secondary
books or investigations, also not any publications
on the subject Azoka. They are already considered
already. I am only searching for textmaterial that
is not published now.
The actual collection about report about Azoka or
texts which at least reference to Azoka:
1. archaeology (inscriptions)
2. art (SaJchi stuupa)
3. Genealogies
3a Gilgit manuscripts (Sanskrit/Tibetean)
3b Puraannas (Sanskrit)
3c Jinabhadras Vizessaavazyaka-bhaassya (Prakrit)
4. Historical
4a chronicles
4a1 ceylones (Pali)
4a1a Diipavammsa
4a1b Mahaavammsa
4a2 Cashmere chronicle (RaajataraGinii in
4b Reports
4b1 chinese monks in India
4b2 Taranatha's history of Buddhism
5 Legends
5a buddhist legends
5a1 Divyaavadaana (buddhist Sanskrit)
5b2 Diigha Nikaaya (Pali)
5b3 Jaataka (Pali)
5b jinist legends
5b1 aavazyaka-tradition (Sanskrit/Parakrit)
5b2 Hemacandra's Parississttaparvan (Sanskrit)
5b3 Hemacandra's (ziilaaGka's)
Vizessaavazyaka-bhaassya (Sanskrit)
5b4 abhidhanarajendra (Prakrit/Sanskrit)

Apart of these I would be very thankful for any
other sources
Rolfheiner Koch

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