Newari Translation of the Tripitaka

A. v. Rospatt rospatt at WLINK.COM.NP
Sat Nov 22 21:42:10 UTC 1997

I am pleased to comply with the request of the President of the
Bir-Purna Pustak Sangrahalay in Patan (Kathmandu Valley, Nepal), Mr
Pavitra Bahadur
Bajracharya, to forward the following announcement of the first
translation of the Majjhima Nikaya into Newari, the indigenous language
of Kathmandu

"We would like to bring to Your kind notice that we have just published
the first translation of the Majjhima Nikaya into Nepal Bhasa (Newari).
translation of this important text into Nepal Bhasa has been done by Mr
Bahadur Bajracharya, a distinguished Buddhist scholar belonging to a
Buddhist family of Nepal, the birthplace of the Buddha. We are pleased
to inform
You that we have already published four other, first-time, Nepal Bhasa
translations of Pali Buddhist texts by Mr Dunda Bahadur Bajracharya,
namely the
Iti-vuttka of the Khuddhaka Nikaya (1980), the Milindapanha (1984), the
Mahaparinibbana Sutta (1989) and the Digha Nikaya (1989). Furthermore,
his translations
of the Samyutta-Nikaya into Nepal Bhasa and of the Digha Nikaya into
Nepali are
currently in press. All the translations published so far have been very
popular with the general public and are already out of print. Mr Dunda
Bajracharya is striving hard in a most dedicated manner in the pious
task of promoting Buddhism in various ways in the sacred land where
Buddha was born."

If anyone wants to contact Mr Dunda Bahadur Bajracharya, he is welcome
to use my e-mail address for this purpose.

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