Hemacandra's AbhidhAnacintAmani

Aklujkar aklujkar at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Mon Nov 17 04:50:19 UTC 1997

Rolf Heiner Koch wrote: >Before I start to generate an index of all the
words occuring in Hemacandra's AbhidhAnacintAmani
I would like to ask all of you for an advice or a
tip for an interested person or institution that
might probably assist me in paper-publishing this

In the edn I have of the Abhidhaana-cintaa-ma.ni under the title
Abhidhaana-cintaa-ma.ni-naama-maalaa (ed.: Upaadhyaaya ;Srii
Hema-candra-vijaya ga.ni, publisher: Ahamadaabaada: ;Srii Jaina Saahitya
Vardhaka Sabhaa, date: Viira Sa.mvat 2502, Vikrama Sa.mvat 2032, Nemi
Sa.mvat 27, series: ;Srii V.rddhi-nemi-am.rta grantha-maalaa-granthaa:nka
72), there is an alphabetical index of all the words, including the words
in the supplement, called Haima-naama-maalaa-;silo;ncha,composed by

If RHK has a different kind of index in mind, then the L.D. Institute in
Ahmedabad may be the appropriate publisher.

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