Hemacandra's AbhidhAnacintAmani

Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at ANU.EDU.AU
Mon Nov 17 00:53:09 UTC 1997

>Before I start to generate an index of all the
>words occuring in Hemacandra's AbhidhAnacintAmani
>I would like to ask all of you for an advice or a
>tip for an interested person or institution that
>might probably assist me in paper-publishing this
>I will be able to present the complete index of
>all the 1542 stanzas in the order of the Monier
>Williams dictionary.
>- HH

In 1988 and 1990 an organization called the

Kalikalasarvajna Srihemacandracarya Navama Janmasatabdi Smrti Siksan
Samskar Nidhi (Ahmedabad)

published some reprints in honour of Hemacandra (maybe some more recently
that I haven't heard about). Although I'm not sure if they are still active
or even soliciting publications I'd suggest you write to Professor H. C.
Bhayani at the address below for advice. It would be an idea to state if
you have a preferance for publication in Devanagari or transliteration,
although I'm pretty sure Devanagari text would be more acceptable to most
Indian publishers.

25 / 2 Bimanagar
Satellite Road
Ahmedabad 380 015

A second question though, which edition of the AbhidhaCin. were you
planning to index? I can fax details of eleven separate printings of the
text between 1807 and 1964 if you're interested.

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