Jaina Mahabharatas

Robert J. Zydenbos zydenbos at BLR.VSNL.NET.IN
Sun Nov 16 05:09:08 UTC 1997

In response to Yigal Bronner's query:

A few years back I wrote an article on the Jaina Mahabharata together
with an Indian colleague, which you may consider looking at:

    Sumitra Bai, B.N. and Zydenbos, Robert J. (1991): The Jaina
    Mahabharata. In: Essays on the Mahabharata, ed. Sharma, Arvind
    (Leiden: E.J. Brill), pp. 251-271.

If you can read Kannada: Sumitra Bai's doctoral thesis is on the
Harivamsapurana (this is largely what we're talking about, when we speak
of the Jaina Mahabharata) by Jinasena --

    Sumitra Bai, B.N. (1995). Jinasenana Harivamsapurana -- ondu
    adhyayana. Bangalore: Kannada sahitya parishat.

This book contains a bibliography on the Jaina Mahabharata which
consists in large part of English titles of relevance. (She has been
thinking of bringing out an English version of her book, but that is
probably still some time away.)

Also in Kannada is --

    Heggade, L.R. (1974). Jaina Mahabharata. Gudibande: Vivekodaya

In German there is Ludwig Alsdorf's elaborate and important work (of
which I don't have the bibliographical data right here, but they can be
found e.g. in his Kleine Schriften, publ. by the Von Glasenapp-
Stiftung, which must be available in Chicago).

You could also consider contacting Edwin Bryant at Columbia University:
he asked just the same question on another list a few months ago.

Dr. Robert J. Zydenbos
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