Atharva Veda info request

Ravi R. Iyer ravi at TAMU.EDU
Thu Nov 6 15:29:03 UTC 1997

Hi All:
Just a few thoughts on the living tradition of the Atharva veda:

1. A friend of mine who has learned portions of the AV (he has put his
vedic studies on hold while he gets a Phd in Biology) in Pune tells me
that there are quite a few Chaturvedis, who are not taken into account
while tallying the number of AV adherents. He in fact learned from a
south indian Chaturvedi, whose shaakha of birth was the taittriya YV.

2. Most of these chaturvedis follow the Paippalada school.

3. Traditionally, these south Indian chaturvedis have chanted the AV in
the T. AV style.

4. Furthermore, he tells me that there are also quite a few Dvivedis and
Trivedis (his family is a trivedi family, having the odd combination of
Rig, Yajur and Atharvan) who are well versed in the AV.

Any thoughts on this?

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