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Dear Fred,
The Varanasi Atharvavedin I was referring to is the one Madhav Deshpande
mentioned, Narayan Ratate's son. I suspect the second one he mentions may
be Manoharlal Dvivedi, who may not be alive (last time I met him, around
'92, he was quite old and not in good health). He was the guru of Shridhar
Adi, the Gokarna Atharvavedin. I'll be happy to share with you the details
I have when we meet at the AAR.

Deshpande's posting also intrigued me re. the jata and krama pathas of the
shaunakiya shakha. If I remember correctly, Adi had both vikrtis. I'll
check again next time I'm in India.

Best wishes,
Swami Gitananda

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That's pretty amazing! I've been to Gokarna several times, and I never
heard of this guy. How long has he been there? Is he young and went there
fairly recently to teach in a pathasala? What do you know about his
students? Are they also born into AV families? I know, for example, of a
very good pathasala in Maharashtra that is now training students in
'saakhaas that they do not "belong to" by birth, just for the sake of
maintaining complete Vedic traditions. I would really like to know who
these Atharvavedis are. Thanks for any info you can share. Are you still in
Berkeley? If so, maybe we can get together at the AAR.

Best regards,
Om Namah sivaya, Jai Sri Krsna, etc.

>My records are not that extensive, but I personally know one Saunakiya in
>Gokarna (who is training two other students in turn) and at least one more
>in Varanasi (whose father did go to fiveness just a few years ago). They
>all follow the Kaushika Sutra.
>Swami Gitananda

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