m/anusvAra & s/visarga

Tue Nov 4 18:50:36 UTC 1997

I am afraid these combinations are commonplace too!
They cannot be pronounced with an M sound.

mna     samaamnaaya (collection), aamnaaya (veda)
mya     ramya(pleasant), gamya(reachable) etc.
mra     aamra (mango), namra (humble)
mla     aamla (sour)


mva     This I cannot think of right now! Perhaps it survives!

Jacob Baltuch said:
> I wrote yesterday:
> ... deleted parts
> Today, with my eyesight somewhat improved, I checked a list
> of conjuncts, and sure enough I find, <gasp>, conjuncts for
> sequences mna, mya, mra, mla, mva!
> So now I'd like to ask, _are_ there any Sanskrit words where
>              mna,     mya, mra, mla, mva
> are pronounced with a full, real m, and are opposed to other
> words with sequences
>              Mna/nna, Mra, Mya, Mla, Mva
> or are those conjuncts only used for orthographic variants?
> In other words,
> when one sees                mna,     mya, mra, mla, mva
> may one always spell it      Mna/nna, Mya, Mra, Mla, Mva
> or not? (And if not, are forms with mn, my, ... nevertheless
> fairly rare?)

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