m/anusvAra & s/visarga

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Tue Nov 4 19:11:28 UTC 1997

>        I'm perhaps stupid but 'h' is a standard notation of breath and it
>seems to me the real h and the aspirated occlusives are always followed by
>a vowel, and the visarga never. Hence, why don't use simply 'h' for the
>visarga ?
>        IF nextCh IS space OR IN consonants THEN visarga ELSE h END

Hmm, excellent point, thanks.

To be pedantic it is not strictly, stricly true (cf gRhNAti, azvAbhyAm,
where h is followed by N or bh by y) but it looks like your point still
stands that I will always be able to restaure visarga from the context.
The algorithm will be a bit more complicated though.

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