hair's colour in sanskrit

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Sat May 3 11:01:02 UTC 1997

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>At 12:58 +0200 28/04/97, I wrote:
>>Dear indologists,
>>	That's very hard to find in a dictionary the words who design
>>hair's colours in epic. I'm interrested by the names for:
>>	white-haired, red-haired, blond-haired, black-haired
>>	Can someone help me ?

As far as I can see, a differentiation of hair colour stops somewhere close
to Afghanistan. Further south everybody seems to have black hair. But if you
want to describe someone's hair colour, it would be natural to use the word
for the relevant colour + keshin (or something to that effect. A more
interesting question is if Indians differentiate between hair colour
variations in Europeans. Are we all "fair", or do Indians see the difference
of various shades of brown, yellow, red etc.?

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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