hair's colour in sanskrit

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Sat May 3 09:43:46 UTC 1997

At 12:58 +0200 28/04/97, I wrote:
>Dear indologists,
>	That's very hard to find in a dictionary the words who design
>hair's colours in epic. I'm interrested by the names for:
>	white-haired, red-haired, blond-haired, black-haired
>	Can someone help me ?
>Thanks in advance,
>	Dominique

	Many sanskritists on the list but not an answer (even private).
	I suppose that was a great blasphem to ask Indians about hair's colour!
	I apologize.
	Worst, I was laughing about Vedic hypertechnology and their 'flying
	I apologize.
	I find too much nationalistic messages on the list. I presume too
many Indian peoples are hoping a civil war in Bharat and are using
historical, arheological and linguistical arguments to confort their
ideological arguments.
	I love peace and I hope to be wrong, but Europa's history show well
the terrific role played by ideologists. Remember the nazi scholar (I've
happily forget his name) who said 'Saxon' < 'Isaac's son'!
	I apologize to be sad.
	I apologize to leave.

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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