hair's colour in sanskrit

Wed May 7 09:23:46 UTC 1997

Dominique.Thillaud wrote:
> At 12:58 +0200 28/04/97, I wrote:
> >Dear indologists,
> >       That's very hard to find in a dictionary the words who design
> >hair's colours in epic. I'm interrested by the names for:
> >       white-haired, red-haired, blond-haired, black-haired
> > 

	Dear Monsieur Thillaud,

	Regarding hair's colour in Sanskrit:
	I beg to inform that I am not a Sanskritologist.But with due	
	humility, may I provide what may serve as pointers with what 
	little that I know...

	As someone has already pointed out,the 'colour' followed
	by 'haired' seems to be the general rule.
	nIla SikurA- Lalitha Sahasranaama
	susnigdha nIlAlaka SrENi SrungArithE-
					     SyAmaLA dhandakam

	harikESa upavIdhinE - Sri Rudram		
	Golden Haired-

	The HiranyakESi Dharmasutra is by a person named
`	HiranyakESin

	Sometime ago I came across a passage whcch mentions about
	a Vedic referance. In this referance, the Brahmins are 
	said to possess yellow hair and whiskers.
	In the same source , Indra was described as having stout
	neck, very muscular body and yellow hair and whiskers and beard.
	(Arnold Swarzenegger?)
	I don't remember the source. May be someone better equipped might
	Probably this colour description might be the closest that
	we can get to "Blond Hair"
	Siva is considered to be Red-haired according to Tamil
	traditions. I don't know any corrolaries in Sanskrit.
	The Siva Sahasranaamam and the Sri Rudram are silent about this.
        I hope somebody can follow up and clarify.

	Bon Jour, Monsieur,


	Sungai Petani

 someone help me ?
> >Thanks in advance,
> >       Dominique
>         Many sanskritists on the list but not an answer (even private).
>         I suppose that was a great blasphem to ask Indians about hair's colour!
>         I apologize.
>         Worst, I was laughing about Vedic hypertechnology and their 'flying
> saucers'.
>         I apologize.
>         I find too much nationalistic messages on the list. I presume too
> many Indian peoples are hoping a civil war in Bharat and are using
> historical, arheological and linguistical arguments to confort their
> ideological arguments.
>         I love peace and I hope to be wrong, but Europa's history show well
> the terrific role played by ideologists. Remember the nazi scholar (I've
> happily forget his name) who said 'Saxon' < 'Isaac's son'!
>         I apologize to be sad.
>         I apologize to leave.
> Dominique
> Dominique THILLAUD
> Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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