Rites without meaning

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Wed Mar 19 15:36:19 UTC 1997

>>Dear members of the list, could someone please provide me with the
>>reference to Fritz Staal's work on "Rites without meaning"? I am for the
>>moment unable to find it, and need it for a student of mine. Thanking you
>>in advance, Jens Braarvig.
>Dear Mr Braarvig,
>STAAL Frits, Rules without Meaning. Rituals, Mantras and the human
>sciences, Frankfurt/m.-Bern-New York-Paris, Lang, 1989.
>All the best. Anand NAYAK
A new edition of this book has recently been published in India by Motilal,
with a slightly different title:

*Ritual and Mantras: Rules without Meaning* [1996]

It may be more easily available and certainly more affordable.

Best wishes,
George Thompson

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