New Free Devanagari TrueType Font.

Anshuman Pandey apandey at
Fri Mar 14 21:16:12 UTC 1997

On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Tobias Grote-Beverborg wrote:

> It's always a risk to download unfamiliar files and it reminds me to be very
> careful about recommendations.
> I usually only recommend files which I have downloaded myself.

I had made the recommendation about the font after testing it myself and
after running a virus-scan on it (even though it is not an executable and
has a rare chance of carrying a virus or being a trojan horse). The
font worked and printed out fine for me. If I had experienced problems
with the font, note that I would have surely made an announcement of
the problems in the inital message. The link mentioned in the message I
forwarded from the newsgroup from where I received it is the home site of
the font's author.

I think Mr Grote-Beverborg misunderstood Mr. Fosse's

> Anyway I hope You don't suffer a major breakdown of Your system, please,
> keep me informed about further development concerning the *RKSanskrit TTF*.
> If You want, I can attach my version of *RKSanskrit* and You could try out
> whether it works better.

Fonts cannot cause a major breakdown of a system. But that does not count
out a breakdown of one's sanity... If you have questions regarding the
origin and development of the font, please contact the author, Reinhold
Kainhofer at rk at . I'm sure he can answer most if not all of
your questions.

Anshuman Pandey
University of Washington
apandey at

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