New Free Devanagari TrueType Font.

Tobias Grote-Beverborg grotebev at
Fri Mar 14 18:56:23 UTC 1997

>A note of warning! I downloaded and installed this font, and then tried to
>read the doc-files into Word6 for Windows. Since then, all letters are
>printed more or less above each other. In order to get a readable text on or
>off screen, I have to define a distance of 4 points between each letter.
>Something is wrong, and I have not been able to solve the problem yet.
>Anyone out there witha similar problem?
>Lars Martin Fosse

Dear Lars Martin Fosse and Members of the List!
I was rather shocked when I read Your message as I had also downloaded the
Fonts today. I didn't have the problems You had, but I faced some problems
during the unzip-process. Actually I didn't manage to unzip it on my PC but
when I was at our Institute I downloaded the files on the Institute's PC and
didn't have any problem to unzip it there.

Well, I transferred the Fonts on my PC just now and after reading Your
message checked whether I have a similar problem. 

No, I don't have any problem. All letters appear correct on the screen and
all other Fonts aren't influenced. Even in the same document everything
appears to work properly.

It's always a risk to download unfamiliar files and it reminds me to be very
careful about recommendations.
I usually only recommend files which I have downloaded myself.

Anyway I hope You don't suffer a major breakdown of Your system, please,
keep me informed about further development concerning the *RKSanskrit TTF*.
If You want, I can attach my version of *RKSanskrit* and You could try out
whether it works better.
Good luck

                        SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH/
                         SARVE SANTU NIRAMAYAH/
                        SARVE BHADRANI PASYANTU/
                      MA KASCHIT DUKHA BHAG BHAVET/
                        OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI//
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