New Free Devanagari TrueType Font.

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Sat Mar 15 17:36:45 UTC 1997

I refer to my former mails concerning these fonts and the doc-files that
came with them. I have solved the problem, after some heartwrenching hours,
and send the solution on to the net just in case someone else has a similar

What happened was that the doc-files that came with the fonts somehow
trashed my fonts in Winword6 when I tried to print them, giving the curious
effect that letters printed on top of each other both on screen and on the
printer. The problem is solved by reinstalling the fonts by means of the
control panel. (You remove them and then reinstall them using the control
panel. You don't have to delete them from the disk, only remove them from
the list of installed fonts). 

I have no explanation for how this happened. It may be due to a software
collision peculiar to my machine, which means that the rest of you may not
have to worry unduly.

Anyway, good luck. Try the cuneiform font and see how you colleagues react
when they get their first cuneiform fax!

Best regards,

Lars Martin Fosse

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