wives celebrating for husbands' longevity

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>A ceremial fast is observed by women when the sun passes from aquarius to
>pisces, praying
>for the longevity of their husbands (the confluence of maaci and panguni
>or maagha and phalguna months). This is the Tamil tradition. This is
>called kAraTai-y-aan-nOnbu. In Skt. karaTa connotes a royal dynasty.
>Are there similar festivals observed in other parts of Indian subcontinent?
>Regards, Kalyanaraman.

In KarnATaka the most noteworthy ceremony performed by women for their
husband's longevity and prosperity extends on a full month. The vrata
starts on the 3rd day of Caitra. It ends on the third day of VaishAkha,
which is the most important day called akshayatRtIyA. If this akshyatRtIyA
comes on a Wednesday and with RohinInaksatra, it is considered as the most
auspicious. The vrata has several names such as CaitragaurI, ToTTiLgaurI,
UyyALegaurI, VasantagaurI. There is a story related to the vrata, told to
be in BhavishyottarapurANa. The akshayatRtIyA is considered as one of the
three best days of the year, the other two being the new-year day (YugAdi)
and the first day of DasarA.
Best regards, Vasundhara Filliozat.

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