wives celebrating for husbands' longevity

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Fri Mar 7 07:16:32 UTC 1997

At 02:23 07/03/1997 GMT, you wrote:
>A ceremial fast is observed by women when the sun passes from aquarius to
pisces, praying
>for the longevity of their husbands (the confluence of maaci and panguni
or maagha and phalguna months). This is the Tamil tradition. This is called
kAraTai-y-aan-nOnbu. In Skt. karaTa connotes a royal dynasty.
>Are there similar festivals observed in other parts of Indian subcontinent?
>Regards, Kalyanaraman.
In Nepal, women fast for Tij (the third day of the bright fortnight of the
month bhadra). 
See, K.B. Bista, Tij ou la fête des femmes, Objets et Mondes t.IX, fasc.1,
7-18 (in french)
Mary Hamilton, The Festivals of Nepal (116-120), chap.13 Tij Brata, The
Fasting Festival of Women Only. 
Regards, JF.

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