wives celebrating for husbands' longevity

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Fri Mar 7 09:18:36 UTC 1997

Dr. Kalyanaraman wrote :
>A ceremial fast is observed by women when the sun passes from aquarius to pisces, praying
>for the longevity of their husbands (the confluence of maaci and panguni  or maagha and phalguna >months). This is the Tamil tradition. This is called kAraTai-y-aan-nOnbu. In Skt. karaTa connotes a royal >dynasty.
>Are there similar festivals observed in other parts of Indian subcontinent?
>Regards, Kalyanaraman.
Yes similar tradition is prevelant in other parts as well. 

In Andhra Pradesh, it is observed on Kaartika Paurnami (The women perform some rituals and then lit lamps which are floated in river waters -- "Kaartika Deepam".). The purpose is the same : praying for the longevity of their husbands.

In north India, this is celebrated as "Karua Chauth". The rituals are somewhat similar.

I am not sure about the time when this festival is observed. Of course keeping a fast on the day is a common practice for the women.

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N. S. S. Sharma 

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