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On Fri, 21 Feb 1997 19:05:43 GMT, John Brockington wrote:

>I would just like to add, as a British Indologist, how useful if have found the list 
>produced by Professor Schlingloff in keeping track of my German-speaking colleagues and 
>how pleased I am to have received copies of it in the past.   Its practical value is 
>immense.  I only wish that there were as convenient lists for other groups of 
>Indologists.  Perhaps the listings in process of compilation by the IIAS at Leiden will 
>go some way towards it, although inevitably any publication will be bulkier and so less 
>convenient to handle, since all of Asian Studies will be covered.
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My comment: I am very grateful to Prof. Schlingloff for the booklet German 
Indologists which I found very useful. I confess that I have had no grim 
thought while perusing it! Just for information: about three or four 
years ago Russian Academy published two huge volumes on Orientalists in 
Russia, much alike to Prof. Schlingloff's work. I do not know yet about any 
adverse reaction towards this Russian publication.

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