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Wed Mar 5 10:14:52 UTC 1997

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Boris Oguibenine wrote:

> My comment: I am very grateful to Prof. Schlingloff for the booklet German 
> Indologists which I found very useful. I confess that I have had no grim 
> thought while perusing it! Just for information: about three or four 
> years ago Russian Academy published two huge volumes on Orientalists in 
> Russia, much alike to Prof. Schlingloff's work. I do not know yet about any 
> adverse reaction towards this Russian publication.

Oh dear!  I'm afraid that Boris's note above shows that the traditional
remembrance of my original comments about the German Indologists booklet
has now drifted to a position which I would not which to be associated
with.  INDOLOGY as Chinese whispers!

If you have had enough of this issue, and me, just hit "del" now.


My original observation was 
1/ That the organizational principle of the booklet startled me;
2/ That the production of a booklet using the same criteria of inclusion
   for English and selected English-speaking scholars would probably not
   be thought appropriate or acceptable in modern Britain.

*Of course* any list of addresses, qua mere information, is useful!  And
the Russian list that Boris mentions sounds as though it is organized
according to the principle of Geography, which seems perfectly reasonable
and practical.  That is *not* the organizing principle of the German
Indologists booklet. 
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