South Asian genealogies

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Tue Mar 4 19:35:23 UTC 1997

Requests have come to Indology from time to time requesting information on
caste histories, genealogies etc. from South Asia.  Since it appears that
it will be some time before my compilation of South Asia caste, family and
dynastic histories becomes a web-site, I would like to let interested
South Asianists know that I have a database containing approximately 1,700
entries dealing with this topic.  The information is primarily from the
collections of the British Library, The India Office Library, the Library
of Congress and the National Library in Calcutta.  

If I can be of assistance to academic researchers in this subject area,
please contact me directly. 

South Asia Section
Irene Joshi, M.L.S.
joshi at
South Asia Librarian
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, Washington, 98195-2900

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