Aeronautics in Ancient India?

Jyotishi at Jyotishi at
Fri Jun 27 01:51:59 UTC 1997

>> Permit me to assert that the unavailability of evidence is no proof of the
>> invalidity of what is being claimed, proposed or investigated.
> Of course! Brilliant! Just because there's no evidence that
> your grandmother can fly, does not *prove* that she's not
> an airplane! So *that* is the logical foundation of those
> theories, hunh?! Why didn't say so before? Eat your heart
> out, Karl Popper!

When certain people cannot defend their point of view, which they seem to
want to do with their egos, they begin spewing ridicule, insults and
defamation.  They are the  enemies of whatever subject they happen to touch
and of whichever group they choose to infect.  But such minor obstacles are
overcome easily in the quest for knowledge.

Om Shanti

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