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Anshuman Pandey apandey at u.washington.edu
Sun Jun 15 22:38:11 UTC 1997

On Sun, 15 Jun 1997, S Krishna wrote:

> Sanskrit word "Ramaneeya" misspelt and Ireland is actually a corruption 
> of "Iyer"land,Morocco is a contraction of Hindi "Maaro Usko".....enough 
> PJs for a whole year!

Boy, you really opened up a can of worms here! Correct me if I am wrong,
but isn't "iyer" indeed a corruption of the word "arya"? And isn't the
root in the name Ireland a cognate of "arya", not to mention the root in
Iran as well. So, in a round-about way, Ireland really would be a 
corruption of "Iyer"land, wouldn't it?

Anshuman Pandey

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