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S Krishna mahadevasiva at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 02:03:25 UTC 1997

>President Clinton, meeting Hawaii's Democratic senator in 

Wow! The truth has finally dawned! The said Nadi was deciphered
with the help of Clintons statement! WOW! WOW! WOW! What next!
Are you gonna interpret the "Shukla Yajurveda" with the help
of Al Gore( "Gore"= Gora= white=shukla)!!!;-),;-),;-)....
Your tale certainly beats Dan Quayle!

>California this morning said, "We'll have to cross the big pond 
[referring to about 2,500 miles of ocean] and visit y'all in 
>Hawaii again one of these days."  "Sarovar", similarly could easily
>have been used to denote "sea".
>Aloha from Hawaii where tradewinds flow!
>(Exercise for the reader: "Hawaii" and Havaa=wind connection?)

                   Seattle and "Sheetal"= connection?
                     Vienna and Veena = connection?
                    Vancouer and Vankaayi Koora = connection?
(Vankaayi Koora in Telugu translates as  "Eggplant Curry". Vancouer
is famous for eggplant curry! Ergo! Vancouer is derived from Vankaayi
                    Moscow and Mosaikkaran = connection?
(In Tamil, "mosaikkaran" translates roughly as trickster. The first
Tamilian to visit Moscow found all Muscovites to be Mosaikkaran!
Ergo, he named it Mosaikkarapuram which became Moscow later!)
                     Utah and OOta= connection?
                  (OOTa is lunch in Kannada)
                     Japan and Japam = connection? 
                (Thiru)Malaysia and Thirumala-Thirupati=connection?
                    Italy and Idli=connection? 
                    PAKistan and Mysore PAK = connection?
                    Canada and Kannada = connection?
This brand of logic can be extended in order to prove that the names
Debbie, Pamela and Harry are from Devi,Pramila and Hari respectively,
and Norway is named after Dayanand Naarway, a minister in Goa,Dr Sun Yat 
Sen(gupta) was a Bengali speaking doctor, Homeopathy is an Anglicized 
version of Umapathy, who was a noted Ayurvedic physician,
Sam the eagle is actually Garuda in disguise, Romania is actually the 
Sanskrit word "Ramaneeya" misspelt and Ireland is actually a corruption 
of "Iyer"land,Morocco is a contraction of Hindi "Maaro Usko".....enough 
PJs for a whole year!
To all the readers of this post! I do know and realise that the above
post is not quite what you would expect to see in an academic group like 
this, but it is being done in response to a meaningless
post with respect to a SERIOUS question from me! I promise you that
this is the last of such nonsense that you will see from me!...Er!
Before, I leave let me go back to this connection between "Hawaai"
and "Havaa" and assure the concerned gentleman and "Hawaai" is most
probably derived from Hawaai Chappal, which in India is used for
more than one purpose i.e. feet-protection and an eloquent expression
of *agreement* with certain kinds of speakers, which may be pertinent
in this discussion.

I rest my case!                   


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