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Dr. Jai Maharaj jai at mantra.com
Sun Jun 15 02:23:47 UTC 1997

Namaste! At 03:08 AM 6/15/97 BST, 
S Krishna <mahadevasiva at hotmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> To all the readers of this post! I do know and realise t
> that the above post is not quite what you would expect 
> to see in an academic group like this . . .

Fear not, the behavior was completely as expected!
Very enjoyable. (Who's yawning?)

> but it is being done in response to a meaningless
> post . . .

Open the mind, the meaning shall enter, they say.

Aloha from the land of tradewinds (havaa-ee).

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

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