ATalpaRRu (VEnkata Narayana Sarma)

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Tue Jun 10 08:39:39 UTC 1997

thank you very much for your information.
In this case, though, ATalpaRRu refers to adaptations of classical 
(Tamil) texts for the use in "kUttu", i.e. "plays" (in different forms). 
In this very special case, it seems to refer mainly to adaptations of 
KambarAmAyaNa for shadow-puppet-plays (in Central Kerala - that is at 
least, what is given in a remark on one manuscript I have with me ...)

"ATalpaRRu" seems to be a general term for that specific genre of 
folk-literature. - Sorry I was so less explicit in my query: but most of 
the facts given here I learnt by and by after I had sent my query.

Still, I am searching for bibliographical references on theses type of 
texts: has something been written *ABOUT* this genre? Or, are printed 
editions available?

Greetings, ULRIKE


> On  3 Jun you wrote in Indology list
> >Hello,
> >
> >could anybody help me out with bibliographical data about literature 
> >(original texts, articles, pamphlets, ...) of or about Tamil "ATalpaRRu" 
> >(or: "ATaRpaRRu") - Literature? 
> >
> >With many thanks, ULRIKE
> I do not know whether what I am sending is too trivial to be
> useful to you.
> The word ATalpaRRu represents the name of a village. In Andhra Pradesh
> we have a very large number of villages ending in -paRRu.
> Examples: DOkipaRRu, chATapaRRu, vippaRRu, tADipaRRu etc.
> The prefix ATal can mean games, dances, plays.
> ATalpaRRu can mean village dedicated to plyas or games or dances.
> Sarma.

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