ATalpaRRu (VEnkata Narayana Sarma)

Ulrike Niklas u.niklas at
Tue Jun 10 14:33:38 UTC 1997

thank you for your useful hint.
In fact, ATalpaRRu is ATal+paRRu, hence "concerning dance".
All the best, ULRIKE

On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Srinivasan Pichumani wrote:

> Hi... is ATalpaRRu derived from ATal + paRRu or paRRi
> meaning "about or concerning with ATal or kUttu or
> dancing"... in which case what you say makes perfect
> sense.
> In any case, I don't have any direct references...
> I just returned to the library a book called
> "Performing arts of Kerala" photographed by
> Pankaj Shah and edited by Mallika Sarabhai.
> Ahmedabad, India : Mapin Pub. ; Middletown, NJ
> Grantha Corp., 1994.
> It had a small section on this puppet play if I
> am not mistaken. Maybe it has some bibliography
> at the end that would be of help.
> -Srini..

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