Request for Rg praatishaakhya suutra

JR Gardner jgardner at
Wed Jun 4 06:22:01 UTC 1997

I am trying to grapple with some matters of Vedic accent and am in
something of an urgent need for RPr. 1.60-1.68-- I know that 1.64 reads:

tat trimaatre shaakalaa darshayanty aacaaryashaastraaparilopahetavaH
(cf. RV 10.146.1: vindatii3M)

I've been unsuccessful finding the text on short notice here 'midst our
cornfields, and would deeply appreciate if someone could simply type these
few lines into ITRANS for me via e-mail.  If finger soreness and carpal
tunnel be at issue, I could survive with only 1.62-1.67.  I'm on something
of a deadline--so any speed will elicit the best return-favor netiquette I
can manage.


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