Peter Schreiner pesch at
Wed Jun 4 09:59:04 UTC 1997

Dear INDOLOGYsts, 

this is to announce the availability of an electronic version
of the Ghera.n.dasa.mhit-a in the library of INDOLOGY. The text
is that of the new edition by Peter THOMI (Wichtrach 1993). It was
Dr. Peter Thomi who made the file on which the printed book is based
available to me; he agreed that I could revise it (by marking
sandhis, compounds, paadas) and then make it available to the 
scholarly community. My (and your) thanks to Peter Thomi for his
generosity! (Dr. Peter Thomi, Institut fuer Indologie, CH-3114 Wichtrach 
-- he has no email address.)

I am submitting three files (and I thank Dominik for handling 
the technicalities of this submission!):
The INPUT-Version starts with information about input conventions
(transliteration etc.) and is the source file for the other two 
versions: TEXT is the automatically generated running text (with
all sandhis reconstituted, compound-markers eliminated). PAUSA is
an automatically generated version in which all words are transformed
into their "pausa"-form (i.e. as they would appear at the end of a
line or sentence). The TEXT-format will have to be used for analytic
steps like metrical analysis and may be preferred by people
who do not like to work with a text which contains (too many) traces
of someone else's work; the PAUSA-format will probably be 
preferred for indexes etc. I may add that the fact that these 
versions can be automatically generated is one of the main reasons
for defending this particular INPUT-version (sometimes called
the TZ-format, which refers to Tuebingen and Zuerich as the places
of origin).

Any feedback, corrections, suggestions etc. are of course very

Peter Schreiner

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