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Sat Jul 12 16:17:37 UTC 1997

     I have recently signed on this list.  My name is Valarie Wisniewski.  I
have been practicing Hatha Yoga for 27 years, teaching for 14.  I have always
had a borderline interest in Hinduism, one that has increased in the last 4-5
years.  I have manner books on the subject from a wide range of authors.
 However, I still have some "grey areas".  Whether this is due to my lack of
complete understanding or that these topics have been sufficiently explained
in the works I own is a moot point.  One though that I am hoping that the
scholarly members of this list may aid me with.  For example:
1)  What is the main linguistic difference between Tamil, Dravidian,
                             Sanskrit, Hindi, Parsi, Indo-Aryan, etc?  Which
is older?  Are not the majority of texts written in Sanskrit?  Is Sanskrit
spoken?  Which advisable would you suggest someone learn?

2)  I have A. Danielou's "The Myths & Gods of India", I also have read of
late that there are some descrepencies in some works by this author.  Can I
rely on the information in the above mentioned work?

3)  I recently attended a puja at the Krisna Temple in Atlanta, GA.  I had a
most enjoyable time.  I was treated warmly by all present.  My question is:
 Is it customary in Hindu Temples to bow, touching the head to the floor when
entering & exiting?  I have recently located the Hindu Temple in Atlanta.
 Found their website at:   I very much want to plan
a trip (it is a 1 hr drive).

     I would also like to thank sudheer_birodkar at (sudheer
birodkar) for uploaded the entire text of his book "Ancient India's
Contribution to the World's Culture".  This is a remarkably generous gesture.
 Thank you so very much.

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